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Between Worlds is now seeking short stories and flash fiction of an otherworldly nature for our second issue, to be published autumn 2016. Stories must fall under the heading of upper bracket Young Adult or New Adult fiction, follow the theme of Autumn, and in some way feature the idea of alternate worlds. Find out more within.

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The Secret of Magic by Kevin Myers

Secret of Magic

We are extremely proud to announce Kevin Myers, debuting exclusively on Between Worlds. ‘The Secret of Magic’ is undoubtedly the seed of something greater, and indeed author Kevin Myers tells me that he has been working on stories all set within the same world of Edaira. Dark and unnerving, this is clearly a part of a larger world that demands exploring. Suffice to say, we want more.

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The Collective Unconscious and How to Get Out by Hamilton Perez

Collective Unconscious

‘The Collective Unconscious and How to Get Out’ is about as meta as stories come. Deeply humourous and surprisingly heartfelt, Hamilton Perez makes us care about the archetypal hero – here known as Archie – more than we thought possible. Perez not only examines issues of belonging here, but asks the most important question of all – where do we go once our stories are over?

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