Don’t Quit by Matt McGee


Don’t Quit is a well-crafted vignette focused on dialogue, character, and setting, rather than reality-ending paradoxes. At its heart, it asks a question many of us wonder: what if you could slip back for just 60 seconds and give advice to your past self? With that in mind, this is a short story that will undoubtedly stay with us for some time, and we may never look at a McDonald’s in the same way again.

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The Destiny Charm by Sammi Cox


‘The Destiny Charm’ lies at the intersection of extremely clever writing and world-building, fitting all this into an tightly-woven flash story. It’s a testimony to Sammi Cox’s writing that we cared so deeply about Liyara after only a few lines of narration, and its ending left us breathless for more of this intriguing world.

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Elf Houses by Lorna Wood


On its surface, Lorna Wood’s ‘Elf Houses’ is a tragic depiction of domestic violence and its effects on the young. However, there is something much deeper to be found here, just below the surface. Its link to autumn is subtle yet masterful in the berries, fungi and harvest notes mentioned, and while we dare not spoil how the plot develops, it is a testimony to the power of imagination. We loved this story, from its unflinching opening to its chilling, memorable close.

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