Meet the Editors

Between Worlds Editor Matt SloanMatt Sloan – Editor & Founder

Matt Sloan is a writer of young adult and New Adult fiction, primarily obsessed with the idea of the worlds neighbouring ours. It is through this obsession that he decided to create Between Worlds Zine, a place on the internet for these wayward realities to meet and, perhaps, for readers to find their homes in them.

Matt studied at Queen’s University Belfast, where he achieved high honours in his English BA, leading to a scholarship to study a Creative Writing MA at the same institution. Since then, Matt has wandered through various creative realities, and after losing his father to lung cancer in 2011 he somewhat lost his way.

Now, Matt campaigns for mental health awareness and does his best to be open about his depression and anxiety. He’s an avid gamer, streaming games on Twitch at, and hopes to have his first novel published soon. Otherwise, Matt has previously had work published in Eschatology Journal (now closed) and won the Ink After Dark 2015 Monster Mash competition for his story ‘In the Dark, They Sing’, described by the editors as ‘tight, well written, and elegantly creepy … an eloquent descent into pure madness.’

Matt can’t wait to see what worlds you find when you peer beyond the veil, so don’t hesitate to submit here. Keep up to date with his musings on the editor’s blog here.

Autumn Aurelia – Associate EditorSami - Associate Editor

Autumn Aurelia is a nature enthusiast, an aspiring author and avid photographer. She has an interest in the arts, and enjoys spending time reading and snuggling with her three cats and beloved Cavalier King Charles, Lolita. In addition to her passion for writing, she dedicates the majority of her time campaigning towards mental health awareness and attempting to get her first novel off the ground. She has also previously managed a digital student magazine, and has been published on

As a sufferer of mental illness herself (including OCD, BPD and depression), she is currently housebound due to the severity of her conditions. It is for this reason that she decided to start Inside The Bell Jar – a literary journal (and sister site to Between Worlds) which she hopes will give a voice to anyone who ever feels restricted by their own battles with mental illness.