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Hello, and welcome to¬†Between Worlds Zine, a brand new quarterly fiction e-zine about the worlds beyond our own and the doorways that lead there. We publish young adult fiction and above, with a particular interest in fantasy, sci-fi and horror short stories and flash fiction. For more on what we’re looking for, please see our submit page here. We aim to publish 5 short stories and a large number of flash fiction per quarter.

Our first issue was published on July 1 2016, with subsequent issues released at the beginning of each season.

To find out more about our editor, click here. You can also keep up with everything about the magazine on the editor’s blog, and on Facebook and Twitter.

Between Worlds Zine

Between Worlds Zine

Between Worlds Zine is a quarterly short fiction magazine, publishing fantasy, horror and sci-fi tales of alternate worlds and the doorways that lead there.
Between Worlds Zine

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