A Word from the Editor – Issue 2: Autumn 2016

A hugely warm welcome to issue two of Between Worlds. It is our pleasure to introduce to you six writers who have felt the chill of autumn, the thinning of the veil, and told us what they’ve seen.

We love autumn here at Between Worlds. There’s something special about the folklore tied to this time, about the approaching chill of winter, the falling of the leaves, the pumpkins on doorsteps. While Halloween isn’t as huge in Ireland as it is in the USA, I grew up with the image of streets and houses decorated as though the macabre descended overnight like a storm. I love everything about the season; the smell of pumpkins as they are being carved, the opportunities to dress up, the crunch of crisp leaves underfoot, the horror. I love the concept of the thinning of the veil, and my imagination runs rife at ghosts and spirits crossing over, or perhaps one of us setting foot where we would not and crossing over ourselves.

I could go on and on, so I’ll sum it up like this: when considering how best to approach the season for this issue, a themed call for submissions seemed perfect.

You responded wonderfully, and the six stories picked for your reading pleasure range from the humourous and fantastical, to the dark and unnerving. In Tegan Elliott’s The Bones of Walker Lakea drought exposes strange symbols and embracing animal remains in the dry lakebed, but Natalie’s best friend’s remains are still missing. In The Destiny Charm by Sammi Cox, a young girl’s impromptu thievery of a strange charm may be the first step in an unfolding, strange destiny. A monster snatches a child on Halloween, but a young homeless boy tags along for the ride in Paul Alex Gray’s A Bounty of Dreams. Find these stories and more in issue 2 of Between Worlds.

We hope you enjoy the tales we’ve chosen for you, and hope they’ll forego the approaching winter for just a little bit longer. So curl up in front of the fire, make a cuppa, and delve beyond the veil with us.

We hope you’ll stay tuned in the lead up to our winter issue, to be published December 21. We also have some exciting plans in the pipeline, which we hope to be able to talk about soon.

Thank you for supporting us.Signature

Until next time,

Matt Sloan

Editor and Founder – Between Worlds Zine

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