A Word from the Editor – Issue 3: Winter 2016/7

A very warm welcome to issue three of Between Worlds. We are thrilled to introduce seven writers and seven very different stories, in what might be our strongest issue yet. We chose not to have a themed call for submissions this issue, but that does not mean the stories we accepted are any less special. Nonetheless we love the winter months at Between Worlds; what better time is there to brew a cup of coffee, curl up in front of a fire, and delve into alternate exciting universes?

In Andrew Muff’s ‘Men From Topeka’, an alternate history of the Cuban Missile Crisis led to nuclear water, and an irradiated wasteland where radiation sorcerers roam. In our second LGBTQA+ submission, ‘Bridges’ by Leigh Harlen sees Lindsey return to her hometown to bury her father, only to encounter some concerning behaviour from her mother. In Nicholas Perilli’s ‘Inter’, a futuristic Tinder-like app allows Marc to swipe between alternate realities in seeking the perfect match. But what happens when the universe he encounters is just as lonely as he is? Read these stories and more in issue 3 of Between Worlds to find out.

Behind the scenes, we’re working hard to make Between Worlds an even better place to share quality, diverse, otherworldly fiction. As promised last issue, we’re excited to share just a few of these plans with you.

First off, we’re making changes to how author bios and photographs are displayed across the site. We’ve begun with the new authors featured this quarter, but plan to expand these changes in the coming weeks to all previously published authors. As with the previous format, you can find both bio and photograph (if shared) at the end of individual stories. As always, we welcome any feedback or criticism, which can be directed to hello@betweenworldszine.com.

Secondly, we remain unsatisfied with our response time for authors. We hope to make changes next quarter to how we approach our reading period, ensuring faster feedback for both rejections and acceptances. As before, it is imperative for authors tell us if their work is a simultaneous submission, and if it is picked up elsewhere. We won’t mind; it simply ensures that we don’t cross the streams with another publication.

Thirdly, we’re pleased to report that our associate editor (and founder of sister site Inside The Bell Jar) Sami Clara has legally changed her name to Autumn Aurelia. She had many negative associations with her previous name, so we’re thrilled that she’s now officially known by a name that she feels better fits her inner self.

Finally, we plan to begin pursuing a crowdfunding campaign to enable our magazine to grow. We have so many stories to pick from each quarter, and it pains us that we can choose only five short stories for publication. We want to be able to accept even more stories, and to pay writers even more for their work. Eventually, we would also love to investigate the possibility of a Between Worlds anthology, eBook or even print issue. Crowdfunding would enable us to pursue these goals.

For the meantime, please do consider donating to fund our growth. Between Worlds is created out of the pockets of our editors, and its through these donations that we are able to keep the lights on and keep exploring new realities. Donations can be made securely via PayPal at the bottom of this page. Alternatively, visit our PayPal for directly here: paypal.me/BetweenWorlds

Thank you for supporting us. We hope that you had a wonderful holiday period, a happy new year, and that 2017 is even brighter for you.Signature

Until next time,

Matt Sloan

Editor and Founder – Between Worlds Zine

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